Thursday, July 18, 2013


This week in Baltimore has been at least interesting. The weather hasn´t been the best; everybody kept saying that each day would be the hottest but the next day is harder than the previous one.

Work here is hard, but little by little we are getting our first satisfactions about people who change their mind in the last moment and decide to save the baby. The support of some people make our work easier and when we finish our workday, they invite us to baseball games, barbeques or sightseeing plans. The other day four people that we hadn’t meet before, started to pray the rosary in front the abortion clinic for our work.

Next days here will be so entertained, this weekend Mikel, Alvaro, Gonzalo and I are going to The Arte Scape Festival, one of the most important festivals about culture in the east coast. We are going to have a prolife stand there, where they will expect a lot of young people from all America. And in a few days Mikel and I are going to a prolife tour across Maryland with other young people from Baltimore for two days.

I will tell more details about my experiences here in the future, see you soon!!!

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