Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What We're Up Against

A woman came in to the office today who was only a little bit older than I am.  I’ll call her Gianna.  Gianna has had (and continues to have) health problems (plural) and she had been told she would never be able to bear children.  Well, it sounds like she is in the doctor’s office one day for something unrelated and the doctor tells her rather off-handedly, “Oh, by the way—did you know that you’re pregnant?”  Of course the answer was a shocked no.  As if this wasn’t enough, she ends up getting an ultrasound and the doctor tells her there is no heartbeat—she has miscarried.  They (yes, “they” as there were several doctors in the room) began pressuring her to get the abortion procedure done immediately to protect her own health.  She said some said to do it, others said no—I can only imagine what it was like to be in the middle of that.  Very wisely Gianna insisted they sign her for release and she left to think about it.  Well, she comes back a couple of days later due to some symptoms of complications.  Upon a second ultrasound she is told she IS carrying a live baby and is almost 7 weeks pregnant!  Now think about this for a second.  One of two things happened that first time: 1) the ultrasound technician was a complete idiot (sorry) and had no business working there; 2) they lied to her and endangered her baby’s life intentionally.  This was at a HOSPITAL people.  This is what we’re up against: a culture so indifferent to the dignity of human life that it is dealt with as flippantly as a flu symptom.  Just goes to show the problem is much deeper than the abortion clinics—it’s going to take a change in our truly pitiable culture to shut them down for good.

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