Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wachington D.C

This is the city that Angela and I have to stay for a few weeks. The are a lot of possible destinations but we are lucky and we are staying in a family that are very nice with us and we are very comfortable living with american people and learning more about their culture. Instead of living in the center of the city, the house is surrounded by forest. Every morning when we left the house for working we can see   deers in the path. It´s amazing!

In new york I never had the opportunity to go to the abortion clinics because I went to Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx office. But in D.C my work is to go to planned parenthood and try to speak with the women that are going for abortion and the most important thing is to pray for them. We can´t do this without God´s help because it´s very hard for us see how the girls are destroying their lives because the think that is the only way to avoid their pregnancy.  We are meeting more prolife people that are helping us to improve how we can do this in a better way. The office work and the clinic one are very different bus both are important to try to help this poor girls. I´m going to do my best to help this people!

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