Sunday, July 14, 2013

Thank you so much!

As EMC is expanding all over USA most of us have to move from NYC to other cities to continue with our summer work. I'm now in Miami with other 5 interns. Four of us made a roadtrip from NY to come here. During that trip we met very nice people that also work for the organization and today my post will be about them. This people are very important in our lifes. We have the opportunity to come here to work at EMC because of that good people that help the organization in many different ways. Go to a different country for the first time is something difficult and sometimes work can be hard but it's all worth because we are doing the best thing in the world, saving lifes. This is why the support of all those people who contribute to this cause is so important. It's really nice to come back from a long working day and find someone who makes you feel like you are at home and who encourage you to continue working hard.
A great person can do great things but a lot of people together can do a lot of great things. I thank so much Chris, all the people of EMC and all the others who contribute with it for give us the opportunity of be a part of this team and work all together saving lifes and I thank God because without him any of this could be possible! God bless all of you! Thank you so much!

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