Saturday, July 13, 2013

Our mothers

Abortion is never easy, it isn´t a decision that a woman should take without thinking, and of course, it is never taken cheerfully. Proof of this is, once again, tears sliding on women sweet cheeks.

They have clear that they want an abortion. However, no one has explained her the process and no one has dedicated a minute of their time to listen to her. Thus, when you take your time and give it away for this task, her faces changes. They see someone they can trust, someone who loves her and that at least, with more or less success, someone who try to understand them.

Understanding is knows the spirit or intent of someone, it is an activity of mothers with their children. They spend their lives trying to understand. We decided not to tell you many things and omit data, thus this activity becomes an arduous task.

However, although for us sometimes is hard to believe, no one will understand us like our mother. That´s what I ask you to have the courage to tell her and them came back to have a conversation. Don´t be afraid.

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