Monday, July 15, 2013


As you may know the Miami Crew composed by Carmen Ortilles, Maria Martinez, Borja Cocho and I are currently living in Miami (Florida).

As a lot of help is needed around the states, some interns and I had to move to Florida to help the EMC organization to make it progress and succeed and of course, to save lifes as much as we can.

We drove from New York City to Miami in 3 days. It was one of my best trips I could ever had.
Travel by car from that distance to Florida it was such an experience. We had so much fun. 
We had to stop in Baltimore, where other interns live. Then in South Carolina and finally in Orlando.

Thank God we did not have any problem on the way, and we arrived Miami the day before yesterday.

Miami is such and picturesque and beautiful city. We are so happy living here.

This morning we went to our first abortion clinic in Miami. We did some sidewalk counseling, delivered lots of pamphlets and pray the rosary in front of the clinic.

In the next couple of days we will start working for the first time at the EMC's offices at Miami. 

We are so excited!

Miami Crew

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