Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hello NYC

Hi everyone! My name is Pilar,I am from Zaragoza, in Spain. I am 20 years old and I study Business Administration at the University of Navarra. I arrived this past Wednesday to Lifehouse in New York with my bag full of energy to give the best of me and help as much as is in my hand to all this girls that may at some point regret of their decision of have an abortion. From my point of view they are not concern of the meaning of abortion and of the further consequences it has. They feel sometimes alone, empty .. They don t know that God will always be with them and their child as well. They have lack of information of other alternatives and I hope that my contribution here can make a difference and that many girls realize that all God wants is their children's life. I am sure that this will be a jurney full of learnings and beautiful experiences. I think there is a lot still to do and I am sure we are all here to try to change it. 

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