Saturday, July 13, 2013

Different but not less

Planned Parenthood does not open every day of the week so those days we go to another abortion clinic in Baltimore.
We do other kind of work there because the clinic is located in a private complex where we cannot step into. They are very demanding. The first day we step a little into the private lawn and the police suddenly came to tell us (they had been called from the clinic).
We usually go with a huge red banner with white letters that says:'' Babies butchers located in this complex''. Normally two of us hold it and the other two stand up giving out pamphlets and trying to do some counseling.

Most of the ones that go in come by car and is almost impossible to know which ones are going to the abortion clinic. Our idea is to stop all of them and get them to lower the window car so we can handout pamphlets and explain them there's an abortion clinic in the complex number 17. A large number of them do not know it, they get surprised  because we tell them they do abortions until the fifth month and they give us encouragement to continue with our job, whereas others do not even open the window or they open it to tell us they do not want that crap.

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