Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Count on me.

These are the words that you more desire when your head it's a mess.
These words are the principal support if you feel completely alone.
I can tell you our history. Why these words made one girl change her mind.

We were on our office in Austin, when the appoiment of that day came. She was asking for the  free pregnancy test because she didn't know if she was pregnant. Until we were waiting for the results she told us that in case of being pregnant, she could take care of that child because she didn't have anybody that could support her and her baby and her economic situation, and she didn't have any idea about what she can do with that baby. When we told her that she had a positive result she suddenly bursted in tears, her mother doesn't wanted to support her, and she was feeling completely alone...

But our magic words fixed that situation, "Count on us", "you will never been alone", "we can help you". Believe me when I say that her overwhelm tears changed to gratitude tears.
Only that simply words made her mind change, and finally she decided to continue with her pregnancy.

We need to use more this kind of supporting words, because they are all really needed.

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