Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Ultimate Anti-Feminism? (Part 1)

Perhaps I exaggerate, perhaps not. As a biology student, I am privileged to be given on a silver platter an extensive knowledge of the physical world.  When studying human biology, I am always particularly interested and constantly amazed by how our physical bodies help to define our nature and reflect our Creator.  What’s the biggest thing you realize when studying the female body?  She is intricately and perfectly designed right down to the molecular level to care for new life.  Even minute details that seem unconnected assist her in this end.  In the midst of the culture of death, every woman cannot help but attest by her very nature to the sanctity of human life, for even if she turn her mind against it, her body remains dedicated to it in spite of herself.  Theology aside, science cries out loud and clear that life is precious.  Is it any wonder then, that there are grave physical risks to a mother who chooses to abort her child?  Is there any surgical procedure so completely contrary to her body’s design?  Does anything offend her physical womanhood quite as much as a direct attack on her motherhood?  In spite of many scientists, science itself reveals the evil of abortion as a grand attack on the biology of a woman.

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