Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just a lift

Two Saturdays ago I attended a retreat at the Parish Church "Saint John Neumann". They were all really nice to me and it is amazing how interested they all were in the work we´re doing here. It´s amazing how much they said they admire the work we´re doing and how much help they offered us.

I met a very special couple there. They offered me any lifts we needed with the car. They said that´s what they had and so that´s what they were offering. Great people willing to help in whatever they could.

And there they were yesterday, taking us to Boynton Beach, nearly two hours from the place where they live, but they spared the whole day just for us. The whole day, not asking for anything in return, nothing at all and what´s more important with the most beautiful smile on their face.

I´m writing this here, because some people would consider it just a lift, but it can not be consider just a lift. This is the reason why when something goes wrong, that unfortunately happens very often, you think of these people, of how they believe in you, of how they trust you on the work you´re doing, and you just smile and keep doing your best, because that is all you need to do. God looks after you through all these different people and there´s nothing impossible to Him.

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