Saturday, June 8, 2013

The fight

Today we´ve been at one of the most "popular" abortion mills here in Miami.
 When we got there, we started walking the path that leaded us to both, the pro-lifers and the pro-choicers. We walked on the pavement and there they were,
standing with blue signs saying "Keep abortion legal", the pro-choicers. When we reached them, they asked us the question: " Are you one of them, or are you with us?"
Something we thought obvious was not so obvious for them, they were wondering in which side we were...

We continued on the path and as soon as we reached the prolifers, they greeted us  and they invited us to pray the Rossary with them but what impacted us the most was that as soon as we defined ourselves as prolifers, they said we could stand on the pavement no more. Now we were part of the fight, and the prolifers can not stand on the path. There was just grass, we could only stand on the grass... And it is not that I don´t like the grass, what I actually link with nice weather, life, happyness... but is the sadness of thinking how the human society is divided into two. Them, the pro-choicers standing on the pavement. Us, the prolifers, standing on the grass, and now you tell me which side would you go for?

The pavement, dry,  heated up by the hot weather, hard, black, dead, human´s creation... Keep Abortion Legal.

The grass, natural, fresh, soft, green, alive, God´s perfect creation... Life Is Precious.

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