Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Someone´s watching out for us

A few days ago, I went to talk to one of the prolife leaders here in Miami and after a three hours trip by bus, twenty minutes walking under the burning sun, getting lost for another ten minutes, praying the Rossary asking God to show me the way and ten more minutes walk I got there. Exhausted but there I was.

There I was with a lady that as soon as she saw me, brought me a bottle of water, gave me a chair to sit, and let me relax for a while. I have to say she had no idea of who I was. She had no idea about EMC or anything related to our work. She barely knew my name and she had just a rough guess of what I was there for.

We talked about everything. We talked about our work, about their work, about the situation in Miami, about and about and about...

And after two hours I was leaving their office and she said she would not let me go by myself again. She was going to take me to the closest bus stop she could, and so she did. Twenty minutes in the car. Twenty minutes were enough to hear a few words that would encourage me for the rest of my summer here.

"You´re a very strong spiritually supported girl. God watches out for you. "

And indeed He does, and I know because everytime I repeat the story of how I got to Miami, of how we are starting the EMC work here, the Providence´s work is palpable every single second.

So if this is God´s work, let´s continue with it, and let´s do our best because He is supporting and watching out for us.

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