Friday, June 14, 2013

Thinking about the Future

I'm surprised by an article that a prochoicer wrote.
There are a lot of opinions about us. Basically, they think that we don't care about women.
It's true that a woman's health is a private topic but we don't encroach on their rights. We talk to them. We explain the abortion procedures and then, they choose. We open their eyes to the reality of the situation.
The main difference between prochoice and prolife is that we take care of them after they decide what to do. We help them during their pregnancy and also we are in contact for years.
Prochoicers think in the present and after abortion they don't care about what happens to the women.
On the other hand, when women came to us they sometimes only talk about how difficult their lives are in that moment. Why don't they think of the future?
Life's not easy but there are situations that could improve our problems, like a baby.

There's something that I've learnt during my life: The most worth while things take the most effort.
Abortion is the easy way in the moment but not in the future.

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