Saturday, June 15, 2013


Today we were there again, praying and trying to help some poor girls who go in the clinic looking for a solution, not knowing that the only solution they´re going to get there is, if you want to consider it as a solution, a future built on a death.

They go in, they always use a car, they don´t want to be seen. They don´t want to be seen neither want to see us. They go in always looking front, looking in, they are desperate to get rid of their "problem", and they look right ahead of them trying to ignore everything arounf them. Trying to ignore a reality that is concerning
them, that is being bothering them for a while and is going to bother them no more (they think).

There´s no one there for them, there´s nothing else they can do, they´re not ready.... Scared, they are just scared!

And what impressed me the most today was their blindness. Not that they are blind, but there´s no better blind than the person who does not want to see, and that´s how they come in and go out, just looking away, ignoring all the help they could get, and ashamed after they realise what they have done.

I wish there was some other way to let them know all we are willing to do for them.

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