Friday, August 12, 2011

The abortion "doctors"

I've been today in front of an abortion clinic in The Bronx. I don't know why, but when I've seen the two doctors that are doing abortions, I've been thinking about one thing that one of my friends, that is studying medicine, told me about abortions: "Doctors learn how to save life's, to bring life where there is something that is not working".

Those doctors were thought to promote life, and to save life's. No to murder innocent baby's... They didn't understood the first thing that a doctor has to know!

I actually don't understand books such as "Why I am an abortion doctor", where it is said that "preventing unwanted children and helping poor women break out of the cycle of poverty". This is the principal reason for making the abortions legal... As a student of economics, I don't understand such an absurd statement. Usually, when you state such a thing, you have to explain more clearly and support with data the things you're saying. Anyway, paying $600 per abortion is not the way to save money. Even if the government pays it, it will be better to use that money for education for instance. Cos education is going to help them and let them develop themselves, and taking an abortion that might have some psychological consequences.

I still searching for a explained reason of why are they doing the abortions. And I'm sure I'm not going to find such a reasonable reason. "It's all about money", a neighbor of Emily's abortion clinic told me.

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BaptistGal02 said...

Abortion "doctors" are not doctors at all. Doctors are supposed to heal, not murder! All an abortion doctor can truly be called is a murderer for hire! I hope and pray that the intrinsic evil of abortion would abolished from this earth completely before I die.