Thursday, August 4, 2011

Selfish? We can help

Since I am here, I had the opportunity of going to our Broadway office in Times Square twice. I am really glad of that because I have seen the differences between the women we see here and the ones we see at Queens or The Bronx.

Those women have apparently less needs than the other ones, they have a job, they came from a good family, they are educated, they are not bankrupt and they have a house or somewhere to live; so we could say that the only thing that unites those two types of women is the pregnancy. But nothing could be farther from the truth.

They DO need help, another kind of help, they may have food or clothes but they need food and clothes for the soul. They are selfish and they are victims of the rules they live by and you know what? Selfish people end up lonely. They think they are alright , that they don't need anything but the abortion, that their lives would be perfect again as soon as they get rid of the baby but deep inside they know that is not true; they need something desperately, they need love, that kind of love that a Prada tote or a Tiffany necklace cannot give.

That is why these types of girls are more unreachable, more difficult to help and to heal, because they think they are already fine, that they do not need anything from us, but they are wrong, so the moment they find that out it is a moment of enormous happiness.

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