Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another way: The adoption

To make an abortion it isn't the only way to the monther's that don't want to take their children. Child's parents may also consider adoption and together make a plan for youe baby's future. Parents can make arrangements to visit the baby before the adoption and spend time with her child. In an open adoption they can meet adoptive family, write a letter to the child explaining parents thoughts and feelings, and give a gift to the child. Parents can request that photographs of the child be sent to parents. How much contact parents have after the baby is placed with the family depends on parents wishes and is agreed upon in advance by the birthparents and adoptive parents.

Parents of the child have a counselor with will discuss the options that they have. If parents wants to know about the child counselor asks for a complete medical and social history of parents and family. It is very important that the child know as much as possible about their parents if parents want.

If parents want to say to the child that they ever loved him or her it's so important to communicate parents love through a personal letter, explaining that planning an adoption was a difficult decision for you. Every child needs to feel wanted and loved from the beginning. When parents know they are not ready to parent, choosing adoption means that parents care enough to give your child ever opportunity possible. Adoption is a correct way, better than abort if the difficulties that parents have don' permit have the baby with their.

Ana Pacheco Doria.

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