Monday, August 1, 2011

Fantastic, awesome, incredilble..

I don´t have words to express how much I've learned during these last weeks, working at EMC. I want to give my thanks to all the people that made this possible. Thanks to all those I met at the offices. Specially thanks to Chris, who made this 6 weeks in the USA such a fantastic and incredible experience.
My last day at work I was so exhausted I couldn´t work properly. I was feeling the fatigue of the 6 weeks working and, for a moment, I asked myself: " How can the people that work here stand everyday with all the work? Everyday during the whole year." Then, I was talking to Linda and she shared her secret with me. Everyday, before she goes to work she usually prays 3 Rosaries.
After a while and reflecting about this, I found that the Holy Rosaries where the pieces that fits into the explanation I needed for understanding how they manage with all the work.
From my point of view, it doesn't matter which God you believe in, but believe in one. Treat Him as a Father, as a Friend, as a Brother... Treat him in a way so that you can take from him the full strength you need. That strength that will make you work fruitful.
In the picture: Me at Jerome Av handing out some information about pregnancy.

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