Saturday, August 3, 2013

True story not about selfishness

The other day I had a new course from the Human Life International there they told us one real story from a young woman, anonimuos for this case. Thousands of times I have repeated that the women who had an abortion regret their decision in contrary of the ones that keep the baby, here I bring to you one of this cases.

"Young woman 15 year old who got pregnant during her second year of highschool. She decided to keep the baby because of the fear of the complications of the procedure. So now, this woman is a wife, happy mother and graduate from high school even from college".

Such a good story that represents that a baby would not stop you from getting what you want, I'm saying this because one of the main excuses that young women give to counseleres is that they would stop their future with a baby. That is such a lie and a way to hide their own selfishness.

I wish this world has more brave women like the one from the story.

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