Saturday, August 3, 2013

belive me, everyone is wining

EMC is an amazing organization for saving lifes. it as many offices around New York City, and also it has many volunteers in all over the country. it is not very known in the country, however it is doing a great job in the US. it is saving many life every day. god would be glad, the people in the USA would be glad, the economy would be glad, the mothers would be glad... EVERYONE WOULD BE GLAD. everyone is wining with those kinds of organizations like EMC.
however this is not happening with the abortion clinic, where the only people who win are the owners of the clinic,and they only win money, because they are also losing love and much more things. moreover the mothers are losing, not only a baby, much more things. furthermore the economy of the country is losing people. EVERYONE IS LOOSING.

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