Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sad endings

During our internship we listen to a lot of stories of different women in many different situations. But there are others that you have to guess. Those are the stories of the women that go to the abortion clinics and don't want to talk with us, or the ones that can't talk with us because others don't let them to. Any woman has their own story but the end of all of them is the same. It's pretty sad see a women crying inside a car going out of an abortion clinic. But it's even worse if that woman it's just a little girl. 

While we were praying at an abortion clinic a car entered there. There was a mother with her daughter that was just a teenager about 16 years old. The girl looked so sad. Some time later the same car went out and there she went, the same girl crying and waving her hand saying bye to us. I don't know what was the story of that girl but I do know that if she finally got the abortion it wasn't her choice and it will mark her for the rest of her life. She killed a baby and she knows but by the tears in her eyes I could guess it wasn't her choice and she regreted so much. But we just can gues this women's stories, just God knows what's going on with them and that's why the only thing we can do for them when they take the wrong way for any reason it's to pray for their souls and their babies killed because they need God's forgiveness and bless.

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