Sunday, August 11, 2013

One for all and all for one

Strangers, acquaintances, roommates, peers with whom you have fun, peers with whom you share feelings and beliefs, real friends. I find this process quite familiar in the way we make new friends, but in this case it has been really special. It has been a process of maybe three intensive days in which I have met really great people. These people are the other interns.

How could I write a blog dedicated to them? Here is my answer.
Our day was full of small details that make the difference. Getting up in a rush and preparing as far as we could a peanut butter sandwich or a hamburger. Taking the subway and hearing to some music, making jokes in our way and praying the rosary…
At job we also supported each other when it was needed and our evenings were great!  We always go downtown sightseeing Manhattan and doing some shopping, specially the girls always thinking about clothes!
The time in which I have enjoyed most the living with the interns has been at the weekend. We all planned together as a family does. We really have worked as a team. A team with great ideals and composed by really good people, all of them essential for any reason.

For example, this weekend was incredible:
On Friday we went to a special fair with rides and fireworks. We danced and walked in the beach. It was incredible! After this great experience we went to do the grocery shopping it was really late and we were so tired but helping each one, we did it quickly. On Saturday morning we worked and for lunch we had a delicious meal celebrating Pablo’s birthday with brownies included!! That afternoon we stayed at home having fun and in the evening we went downtown to walk next to the shore of the Hudson’s river.
As I have said, in the small details you find the difference, that´s what I have been able to live during these days with my American-Spanish great family: One for all and all for one.

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