Sunday, August 4, 2013


"Work hard, play hard" Yes, that something we have been taught in the lifehouse since we arrive.

So after 3 weeks of hard and intense work Chris gave some of us the pleasure to have some holiday
time and we took 11 of us to Virginia for a week.
We started the adventure leaving from New York and after passing by Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington picking up different interns, we arrive to Massanutten , in Virginia. It was a beautiful resort.

We had a great time all together and we got time for everything. It was a trip full of learning, learning about the country and its culture, its battles and its more important events. Monticello was probably what impressed me the most seeing Jefferson's house and what he did for the country.
We got to see really nice towns like Charlotte village or Culpeper. We visited a real american fair where we got to see amazing animal shows, cool rides and delicious burgers!, we went to see a Shakespeare play and of course we got time to enjoy the resort, going to the pool and playing some golf. Oh and of course, we got a great hiking morning full of fun stories and adventures. It was so much fun.

It was a wonderful week with wonderful people.

Now I feel totally renewed and with my energy charged to hit the work place hard again!

My next stop: Washington! Lets WORK HARD NOW. 

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