Sunday, August 4, 2013

Amazing trip!

The trip has just finished and the feeling is kind of happiness and sadness. We have finally been here 11 interns and we have had so much fun.

The first days we went to visit some villages and Monticello, one of the most amazing places in the US. Is the house of Thomas Jefferson, which designed and live there for a while.We also went to see a shakespeare playing which was very funny. The third and forth we practiced some sports. Went to the pool to swim and sunbath, went hiking and played some golf, which was my first time and was an amazing experience. The last days we went to Culpepper, which is a small beautiful Village two hours far from Massanutten and relax a bit, walking around the resort, which is huge, watch some films and talk about life.

I will always remember this amazing experience!

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