Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Under pressure!!

These days I have been talking to women about their situation with abortion, and most of them said that their parents, boyfriend, or friends didn´t want them to keep their babies. They said that the reason they wanted them to have an abortion is this, not for personal problems, not for lack of money, not for her health… And it is very bad that this people who supposedly have to help to keep her baby, they do just the opposite. They only think about themselves and the problems that they could have if this babies were born. They don’t think about what they want to do or what they could suffer with abortion. The other day at Emily´s a women had an abortion. She was with her mother, her boyfriend and her boyfriend´s mother. I couldn´t believe what happened: While the girl was crying with her boyfriend because she had an abortion, her mother asked the boyfriend´s mother why her daughter was crying, incredible. It was in that moment when I realized that a lot of people have no idea what abortion is and the consequences that it has. And worst of all do not want to learn or be helped. 

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