Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Training in Texas

Hello everybody!

In Texas we have been in a training meeting, were a women who works for a prolife group (40 days for life) give us and to another people a training about how to do counseling at the abortion clinics. It was very interesting the way that she explain us the work that she have been doing for a long years. Every details is important, the way that you look the girls, your voice, and also your expresions. We have to take care about what we do at the abortion clinics, and never forget that we are there for a cause, and we've been representing something, that is the right to the life.

 There are a lot of staff that we can use, not only leaflet, and it's important to choose the correct one to the specific situation. It's being a very good experience to learn how other people do the counseling, and we can apply this knowledges to do that work in Spain. I want to say thank you to all the people who is helping us become better persons, and improving our prolife work.


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