Monday, August 12, 2013

TURN AROUND, what does it mean?

Some of us might take this as a simple change of mind, but it isn’t. At least, that is what I thought before living this experience. When I had the chance to be at the office in Brooklyn for one day, I heard this expression: we had this number of turn arounds today. That is why I took it as a number of women changing their mind; which is wrong. One turn around means a lot more than this. One turn around means a change in this person’s attitude. A change in their behavior. An alter in their condition. A movement in a new direction, always as to improve. Now, take a minute to think about it. If you get three turn arounds in a day, that means you also get three positive attitudes, three better behaviors, three healthier conditions, and three improved directions. You still don’t understand what it means? Then get to know these turn arounds and they will let you know.

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