Monday, August 12, 2013

Simply Detroit.

Detroit is a different city. Its history is associated with the automobile world that had its time of glory for many years, but it is currently having a hard time. The city is bankrupt, and there’s a high number of unemployment and people are struggling to get a better situation. In this context, there are many pregnant women who cannot afford a new baby, but thanks to the activity of the EMC organization in this city, we give them information, as well as offering help and support. We go with them to have either their sonograms or ultrasounds, by giving them a ride if they need it. We stay with their children while the moms are inside with the doctor. Sometimes, if they don’t mind, we can even be with them to hear the heartbeats; first time hearing their babies’ heartbeat! We also give diapers to them, as well as baby clothes, mattresses and other items they might need. All this help is possible thanks to the kindness and generosity of many people that are also involved in Pro-Life work.
When we get to talk to these women, we understand them. When they decide to keep their babies, they are already aware of all the effort and work that all this supposes. Despite it is not easy at all, we tell them that this turn around will be the best decision ever. 

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