Friday, August 9, 2013

My first day in New York

Already in the airport, one of the interns, Jose, came to pick me up. The first impression I had of New York was that everybody go alone with their mind in their own business. I really understood the meaning of individualism.   Later, I arrived to the lifehouse and I have to admit that my first impression was WHAT AM I DOING HERE? I was like a bit frightened and I also felt alone. A negative idea usually is followed by another negative one so I connected all my emotions and thought: ok two months of suffering nevertheless, all this thoughts and feelings were collapsed when the rest of interns arrived home. They were quite hungry and we had dinner together. They shared their experiences of the day with humor, empathizing each other like a great family. All the girls were really nice explaining to me everything about the house, helping me with my baggage and other issues.
After this exhausting day, we all went to bed really happy and I was willing the next day in order to start working.
The next day we got up early and I went to the office in the Bronx with another girl. i was a bit nervous but everything was okay. I learned a lot of my partner and I realized about the important task we were going to develop during the two months: Having real contact with brave mothers in extremely difficult situations seeing only as possible solution taking an abortion. Each particular moment that I lived with these mothers really changed me and my conception of life.

I could say that my day finished giving thanks to God for All the goods and gifts he was giving me and even gives; Above all the great opportunity of being where I was, surrounded by that concrete people and in that specific moment. I totally felt that I was entrusted to carry out a mission essential in the life of others and also in mine and offering everything to God would fill me in happiness. 

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