Friday, August 9, 2013

It was Monday

It was Monday and I was in a hurry because I didn´t want to arrive late to work. I took the subway and arrived to Brooklyn´s office were a cute girl that I had met the week before was waiting. She was Indian and was pregnant of 26 weeks, but She hadn´t known that she was pregnant until the 24th week, amazing. I said hello and passed inside the rooms.
Firstly I didn´t noticed about the situation. I was in my happy world and with strength enough for the whole week. But after two minutes in the office, I heard Linda quite worried with this pretty girl. Then I noticed. She was there with all her baggage asking for a house to stay. I couldn´t believe it. Oh my God! Is this possible? Why these strange things happen when I am here alone?

The office was a mess. This girl had abandoned her house and we were her only help. We did some phone calls in order to find a place for her but impossible. What to do? We couldn´t leave her alone! That was like throwing away all the efforts we were doing in New York.  Finally we tried our last option: Giving her a place in the life house, were all the interns were living. Chris let us doing so and thanks to God, this girl had a bed to rest, some food to eat and friends to enjoy during 48 hours. And the most important thing: She could take care of her baby, yet in her womb.

Although this situation was quite weird, it has been the most shocking for me during these days in America. This girl has teached us what love is, what is a real woman, what is the courage and what is the plain confidence in others. I am really thrilled when I think about it!

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