Saturday, August 10, 2013

I can't ask for more.

Last week, we went to a padding farm with four children from Mexican town. When we got to their house to pick them up, we couldn’t believe it: broken windows, blankets all around the house, old mattresses on the floor… Everything was a mess. The children were very quiet and shy when they got in the car. I kept asking them questions, but they had short answers. As soon as we got to that farm, Iñaki and I got the same feeling: those kids were full of joy at that moment. You could see their happiness in their eyes. How easy is to make them happy, right? I’m a teacher and I can easily see when a kid is happy or sad; or at least I try to take care of it. We didn’t spend much time with those kids, but their face changed when they saw those animals, when they could touch them, when they got on that vessel for a forty-five minute ride, when they could smell that fresh air. Plus, when we were on that vessel, the skipper let them have command of it. That was awesome! They were still very shy, but their smile showed so much: happiness, gratitude and proud. I can’t ask for more.

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