Sunday, August 11, 2013

Planned Parenthood

Last saturday while we were in Planned Parenthood, we saw a group of three
girls coming out the building. One of them was walking on a strange way her
friends were holding her, so we supposed that she had just had an abortion.
Two of us follow them. We askd her if she just had an abortion, she told us
that she had just had it. She said, "I'm sad". We explained her our work,
how she could find help in one of our offices. she was very receptive, also
her friends, we exchange our numbers so thay could contact us for any
questions. Also, because she was in a lot of pain, we told her to go
straight to the hospital if she didn't feel better. It is sad that she
said that nobody spoke with her about the risk, she was alone, without any
adult to take care of her, phisically and mentally. Planned parenthood
workers acted like if she wasn't their problem. The escorts didn't do
anything when they looked the way that she walked out, they looked at her
like if she was an estatue, not a human being in trouble. Even though they
say they are "pro-woman", that they just take care of them, their choices,
their freedom, they are doing everything but that. If they would really
care about women, they would have helped her. It is sad how they lie to
themeselves and how they lie other people, but it is true that they try to
sell us everday

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