Friday, August 2, 2013

My first two weeks at EMC

This two weeks have been very intense. Both physically and psychologically.

Since I come from a small region, it has been a little bit complicated for me to get used to New York's rythm of life. The long hours spent on the subway back and forth everyday, and having to eat somewhere in the street or at the office, make it pretty exhausting. 

In addition to this, prolife work is not an easy thing to be done. The emotional pressure attached to it is huge. Sometimes we will have to cope with hopeless women that have many difficulties in their life and it is hard to know that what we can do for them is very little, but yet is something. I have experienced in this few days so many different emotions that I feel exhausted, and the only way I have found to manage all of it has been prayer. 

God is the one that saves babies, God is the one that saves souls, God is the one that guide us.

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