Saturday, August 10, 2013

Defend life is to spread life

New York is a great city. It has wonderful buildings incredible parks and a huge amount of places to visit. I love it. We could say that it is full of life, the lights are always shining in the skyscrapers and there are people everywhere at any time. But, What kind of life is that?

Working in the offices everyday and having two spend at least two hours a day in the subway, I have seen the whole face of NY. The life that is surrounding Manhattan borough´s is being impaired by the emptiness of the abortive companies. It is also impaired by the difficulties of the mothers when having their babies, by the routine in life, and by the selfishness.

Having in mind this complex situation that reaches such opposites , I know that we can cooperate to irradiate life. Here is my story.

It was a weekly day at 6.00 p.m and we were coming back home in the subway. The atmosphere there was really upsetting. People quiet, staring everywere, and all their faces extremely sad. A mexican Singer got into the train with his guitar and started singing a gloomy song, not useful to lift the spirits. So an intern called Pablo asked him to sing a famous song: “Cielito lindo”, I really like that song. Our moods changed instantaneously, we started singing with loud voice and quietly the others passengers of the wagon did the same.  In the chorus, everybody was singing.It was really amazing! Then we could observe the happiness, the happiness of the people and our happiness. Joy observing that defending life, is spreading life.

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