Sunday, August 11, 2013

cold blood PP volunteers

last saturday at planned parenthood manhattan we were, as always, doing our work, counseling. there were some volunteers of planned parenthood at the door. i do not know what kind of volunteering are they doing there, something like open the door to the people with a smile in they faces. nobody was coming in for a while so we started talking to them and discussing different points. they have been doing that for three years... incredible.
suddenly, a woman came out the clinic, crying, with a very sad face. she was with two friend. she just got an abortion, she felt very bad, not just because what she did but fiscally, she had a lot of pain.
even so, the volunteers of PP did nothing for her. not even looked her. obviously we went to talk to her, to offer our support and help, we gave her our office addresses and tried to make her feel better. but it was impossible. anyway she appreciated our help and she said that she was going to call.
the "volunteers" just told us that it was not their problem, neither ours. they were wrong.
hopefully that woman find help and peace.

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