Friday, July 22, 2011

Sisters of Life

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity of going to the house of "The Sisters of Life". This is an organization of Catholic nuns who help pregnant women and even after the abortion they offer help to the mothers that regret their abortion. We got to talk and they explained their work and their hopes: they answer calls from worried mothers with unplanned pregnancies and set up appointments to talk with them. They also help other pro-life organizations like us, EMC. Finnally, they help the women that had have an abortion and problems associated with it.
I am so glad that in this world there is still people like them: helping without asking for something in return. Ready to help people and also, most importantly, they don't judge people; they offer everyone second chances.
In my opinion our society needs more people like these nuns, so generous and helpful. I personally recommend that everyone spend some time getting to know this organization and if they have the chance, try to meet them directly.

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