Friday, August 1, 2014

Deus Caritas Est

This week I have truly witnessed how great God is. In this work, it is so easy to become emotionally drained, seeing women come in day in, day out, seeking abortions, and wanting to end the life of the baby growing inside their womb. However, a few episodes this week I have witnessed women make the incredible decision to parent their child after realising that they, in fact, can take on this challenge, and overcome any obstacles to raise their baby. It really is remarkable to witness God's love in these women. Women who have nothing, who are in some of the most incredibly difficult situations I have ever encountered, are giving everything - their career ambitions, social life etc - up to raise a baby, to help give a baby the chance at life. 

Over the summer, we, as interns, are called to help these women. We are here to help guide the women, and to let the Holy Spirit work with these women in order to realise their full potential and the potential of new life. These women are some of the bravest I have ever met, and I have so much admiration for them. As interns, we are merely here to help support the women as God inspires and encourages them to make some of the biggest decisions of their lives. It really is so uplifting to see firsthand the impact of prayer and God's love has on these women, and how much they welcome this. 

Deus Caritas Est - God is love. 

Hope everyone has a truly blessed weekend. 
Love and prayers, 

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