Thursday, August 21, 2014


Today I want to write about a very exciting event. God used the work of the EMC team and my counseling to save a baby on Monday!

Monday was a very busy day. We saw several women in the office where I volunteered. I had the opportunity to counsel these women. The women were all abortion minded when they came in. After I counseled with them they all became undecided - praise god! We need prayers for these women that they will grow to love their babies and learn to become good mothers, or in the alternative allow adoptive parents to cherish and care for these babies as the mothers wish they could.

One of the women I counseled on Monday actually told me before she left the office that she definitely wanted to keep her baby! I am so happy that God used me to speak to that mother on Monday. There is no better use of my time than to be volunteering at EMC offices where I can be part of God's plan to save his children. I am still excited today! I hope God will help me use this energy to save even more babies. Every life is precious. Every baby deserves a chance to live.

There are a lot of emotions that we feel every day while working at EMC. Some emotions are so good, like surprise or happiness when a woman comes willing to take the baby. But some emotions are bad, such as anxiety, sadness or disappointment when we try to convince a woman to keep her baby and we find it impossible.

To be positive, now I am going to focus on the good feelings. the emotions that we feel when we get a turn around are a mix of surprise, satisfaction and pride. In summary: Happiness. We use this happiness to help mothers feel love for their baby and to believe that there is a way for them to keep their baby.

Nowadays I am studying psychology and the emotions in particular. My studies help me when I do the counseling. I try to understand the woman and be emphatetic with them at the same time as I am trying to change their point of view.

When they realize that they are pregnant, most of them feel fear, nervousness and aprehension. These are emotions that they can't control. when we can't control something, it scares us. We want to return as soon as possible to our "comfort area" where we can control everything. Thats why women decide to have an abortion. It's because they think that it is the best and fastest way to fix their emotions. I counsel them that this is not the way. Killing the baby will only create more out of control emotions.

In addition to explaining to them the risk that abortion involves, I also talk to them about their emotions and teach them how they can control their emotions. This technique is something very important for all people to learn. Presently that's the way I do my counseling and I have achieved success in a lot of them.

Today is one such example. we are celebrating that a baby was saved!

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