Saturday, August 9, 2014

Coming Clean... The Truth Will Set You Free

I am happy to say that your prayers for the young mother I wrote about last have been answered. She has spoken to her parents and they are happy to be grandparents and are going to support her. Her biggest fear was breaking the news to her parents. She said that they would be upset and angry with her for getting pregnant, so her solution had been to have the abortion and never tell her parents anything. Had she chosen this, she still would have that always in the back of her mind, always not being honest with her parents. And maybe it would never come up, but she would have had to live with knowing that her parents were grandparents, while they were completely unaware.

When she chose to keep her child, she realized that she would have to talk to her parents as they were going to find out eventually. But she still felt burdened down and afraid that they might not be happy with her choice as it would interfere with her college plans. With my encouragement and the support of the child's father, she spoke with her parents.

The next day I received a text from this young mother that said, "My parents are not upset with me. They are happy. They said everything happens for a reason. And it won't affect my school because they will help me."

This client had been afraid of her parents, as so many of my clients have, and I encouraged her to talk to them as they wouldn't be upset with you for long, if at all. Through the Grace of God, she had the courage to conquer her fears and choose the right thing and be honest with herself and her family; and it set her free.

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