Sunday, August 17, 2014

East 149 st

On friday I had one of my best experiences in the Bronx office.
I was suppose to stay in the office from 8:45 till 4:45 but I decided to stay even longer.
I believe in saving lifes and helping others specially women in crisis situatione so whats the problem staying more time at the office to help them.

Also I spent 3 hours outside in fron of Planned Parenthood abortion clinic doing sidewalk counseling and giving up houndred of pamphlets.
I gave 200 pamphlets in half an hour. Its amaizing seeing people from the Bronx taking our pamphlets. 

Then after spending 3 hours outside the office I went to the office and talked  to 4 girls in total, and after they all left the office they left the office wanted to be parent.

Thank God.

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