Thursday, August 21, 2014

Urgent prayers needed

You might remember my previous blog of a few days ago when I wrote about a 16 year old girl who is now 23 weeks along in her pregnancy.  I want to provide an update on this mother and her baby.   I also want to ask for your prayers in support of this mother's decision to keep her baby, and for her parents, the baby's grandparents, who are pressuring her to have an abortion.

I counseled this 16 year old mother at the EMC office in Queens, NY.   We talked for more than an hour. She is musilm and pro life as you can imagine. The Muslim religion teaches that when a mother is pregnant, the child in the womb is a baby.   The baby is a human life, therefore Muslims generally do not support abortion. But sex before marriage is a serious offense and can be severely punished.  This young mother was very scared the day I saw her.  She is in high school and her parents did not know about her pregnancy at that time.  She wanted to tell her parents, but did not know how to begin.

We talked about the abortion procedure, the risks and complications.  I started talking about the intrinsic value of life and the awful sin against God that is killing a defenseless unborn child.
I told her as well that her mother loves her. A mother never wants something bad to happen to her sons and daughters.   I asked her not to be afraid of keeping her baby and to go forward in her pregnancy. Her mother will eventually support her in everything she decides to do because a mother loves her child.

After our conversation this young mother decided to keep her baby.   I gave her EMC's pamphlet and additional information about the Sisters of Life and other organizations who would help her in preparing for birth and caring for her baby afterward.  I was so happy that God used me to turn around this young mother from thinking about abortion to a firm decision to keep her child.   This was the first time ever I had the opportunity to speak to a muslim girl about her faith and the precious gift of life within her.  I was celebrating in my heart and mind and praising God for her baby who we saved.

But yesterday she called me back. Her parents now are forcing her to have an abortion. They do not want her to keep the baby.  She called me scared and asked for help.    I am springing into action to help this young mother save the life within her.    I am ready to support her in doing her first and most important job as a mother, which is keeping her baby safe while in her womb.   Even now that her parents are scared for her and giving her the wrong advice, she is brave and asking me for help.   I know that God will give her the courage to do what she knows to be right.   I know that her parents will love her and her baby, their grandchild, in time.    I pray that I will keep my heart and my mind open to God so that the Holy Spirit can fill me with God's love and the words that this mother needs to hear.   I pray that God will activate others in our pro life network to provide a safe home for this young mother and her baby until her family is able to cope with this situation and welcome them back with love.

It is times like this that I need you and your prayers most of all.   Please I beg you to pray for this young mother and her baby ....and for me.  Pray especially for her of course, but I ask you to pray for me so the Holy Spirit will light me up and help me to convince her again to keep her baby safe, to love her baby always and to trust God that He will help her parents see that she is strong in her Muslim faith, following God's teaching about Love, and doing the right thing.   

Thank you so much for your prayers and your support, both spiritually and financially.    I am devoted to helping this young mother and her baby as I am devoted to helping every woman who walks through the doors at EMC.   I promise to keep you updated on what happens when I know new information.   Where two or more of us are gathered in prayer, even over the internet, I know that God will hear us.  

Loving God, please help me and listen to our prayers.    Please help me to convince this young mother to put herself in Your Hands.   She has kept her baby for 23 weeks.   Her baby is fully formed, moving and alive inside her.  It won't be long now.   
Please God, give her the strength to carry her child to term, just a few weeks more!  

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