Wednesday, August 13, 2014


As you may know at the offices that are located in the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn the clients can have free pregnancy tests, free counseltation on the methods of abortion and options and a free sonogram.
So everyday we recieve more or less like 15 girls, but it depens because sometimes are less busy than others.

Those girls that comes to our offices may leave willing to keep the baby or undecided, so we need to follow them up to see how are they doing, keep talking to them and help them in anything they need and of course check if they went for a sonogram or if they already did ask them how was it and what are their thoughts afterwards.
But sometimes is not always like that. A few girls come just for a pregnancy test or for a sonogram wich measn they want to keep the baby. They want to be parenst.

Those days when I see girls willing to be parent and never thought in having an abortion before makes me so happy and remind me that theres still hope.

Thank you.

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