Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Gift of Life

Hello again! It's been a while since I did a post because I finished up my time with EMC, but I've still been working with some of the young women that I counseled. Since I left NYC and returned to Florida there have been some developments with one of my clients in particular that I was asked to share with you all. But first I would like to share with you her whole story as that is what really highlights God's Hand in our lives.

About a month ago I was working in the Brooklyn office and a young woman came in wanting to have an abortion, as they often do. So, I sat with her and we filled out the intake form together. As it common practice for anything having to do with physical or mental health, I asked her for an emergency contact in the event of an emergency. She did not want to give one as she did not want anyone to know she was pregnant. The father of the child knew, but that was it. I explained to her that it is just standard practice to ask for that information so that even if she was to trip and seriously hurt herself we would be able to help her as needed. In the end she reluctantly gave some contact information for a family member who was not her mother, as she did not want her mother to know.

After I got that all settled we moved on to talking about the father, her boyfriend. We gather information on the father of the child so as to better counsel the women we see so we can help them based on their individual circumstances. She did not want to give much information on him, even though he already knew about the pregnancy.  The reason for this was that he wanted her not to have the abortion. They had had a few arguments about it and he really wanted to come with her to our center, but she would not have that and did not want me to be in contact with him; so I didn't push it.

So, I continued with the usual intake process and she was too early to see anything on the sonogram and plus the sono tech had left for the day, so I scheduled an appointment for a few weeks later. After talking with her she was still adamant that she was going to have the abortion even though she wasn't quite sure that it was right. But she had to do it, and it was her "choice." I encouraged her to talk more with her boyfriend and also to talk with her mother (for various reasons I can't disclose). She insisted that the boyfriend was going to have to accept that this is her choice to make, and her mother would never know about it. She left the office that day set on an abortion.

Several days later I received a text message from her saying that not only had she actually talked with her mother, but that she was going to go through with the pregnancy as well. While she decided to do this, I could sense a lot of fear and anxiety, but she was going to do it. So, I kept her in prayer and kept checking up on her. A few days after she told me this, she was having a lot of cramping and wasn't sure if she would make it to her prenatal appointment later that week. I encouraged her to stay strong and not to worry as what she was experiencing was not necessarily signs of something wrong and actually is common enough for the first pregnancy. She soldiered on and made it to the appointment, but had to schedule a sono and blood work for a few weeks later.

Earlier this week I received another text from her that said, "Michelle I'm going to pass out." I thought that this can't be good. Then I got another text that said,  "I'M HAVING TWINS!!!" Although there obviously was some shock and further anxiety over this news she has come to accept this cross, this cross which her mother continually calls a blessing. The young woman I think has often doubted those words, until this morning. I asked her when the due date was to which she responded: April 4th, 2015. I then informed her that that is the day before Easter! Christ suffered and died for us so that we may have the gift of a new life, eternal life with Him. My client will be, and has been suffering, but come Easter Sunday she to will have given the gift of life to not one child, but two!!!


EMC Frontline said...

Praise God Michelle for a wonderful story, and for His graces that moved this mother to chose life for her twins!

Mary's Child Mariann said...

Thanks be to God! Thanks for sharing this Victory in Christ, Michelle. Let's continue to keep this twice blessed new Mom, Dad and Grandma in our prayers! May the Lord bless you, Michelle, for this great work you assisted in this summer! May the Lord continue to bless all at the Bronx Life House!