Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Miracle on 149th Street

So today I witnessed nothing short of a miracle. A client I've been talking to for a number of weeks yesterday text me yesterday to tell me she was having the abortion. She was thirteen weeks, she had the sonogram on Monday and was convinced yesterday that she didn't have it in her to bring up this baby and that abortion was the only option. 

This morning, however, I truly witnessed a miracle, and the power and strength of God. I woke up to a text from her, telling me that she had decided to keep the baby after a talk with her family. This girl, who yesterday, was so convinced that she was going to abort her baby, had now decided to give it life. Something pushed her to changed her mind, and whatever that was, was the intercession of God. God has a plan for this baby, and helped this girl to see the most beautiful gift of life that was growing inside her. I had sent out prayer requests for this girl specifically. PRAYER DOES WORK, and it is so powerful, and God is so loving and merciful and good. Sometimes, during my experience, I have underestimated just how powerful prayer and God's love is, and it's times like this I am so thankful, and blessed to witness such miracles. 

Can I just ask everyone one favour? Just to say one prayer of thanksgiving. And I just want to thank everyone for their continued prayers, they really do work! 


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