Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Lies

Please pray for the young mother I spoke with the other day who is 9 weeks pregnant. Thank God that He brought her to our office for a pregnancy test and sonogram. She was not sure what to do because she wanted to finish school and did not want her parents to know about her pregnancy so she felt she had to have an abortion. After watching the abortion procedures video and her sonogram she was overcome by tears. She had been told by others that her child was not really formed yet, but she was in for a surprise when she heard the child's heart beating and saw the arms and legs moving.

After her tears subsided the first thing she said was how the due date did not interfere with school. Then she went on to explain how she knows her mother will be excited to have a grandchild. Her two biggest fears answered just like that. And all it took was just seeing the truth. I had hardly talked to her much yet to try and convince her otherwise, God did most of the heavy lifting (not that He doesn't usually) by showing her the simple truth.

Even though she has made her decision there are still a few bumps in the road that she will need to work out. But the child's father is excited about the future as well and they will be talking to her parents this evening. So, please keep her in prayer that she has a little help and encouragement to help her through to the end!

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Mary's Child Mariann said...

Thanks be to God! Well done Michelle M. May God continue to give success to this Great Work!