Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wet wet wet

This is my last week here and i don't know how to express how sad I feel seeing this getting finished. I spent most part of the last days working on the street, what made me a better counseleur by practice and watching others. Today was a rainy day and I was ordered to stay at doctor Emily´s with Hannah. She was controlling the front door and I was in charge of the back one. Not two many clients showed up in this morning, just one or two, something that doesn't mean that yo have to stand there in a passive way. That´s a great opportunity to reflexion and prayers, so thats what I did.

After the wet morning I went to Queens where, for example, I had one client who came to have and abortion and left undecided and with an appointment for a sonogram for tomorrow. She didn´t wanted to think what she was about doing, but once I talked to her and explained the reality of it, she became emotional and many things on her mind changed. Lets see what happens tomorrow.

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