Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tough week

This week was one of my toughest weeks here at EMC in New York City.

Monday through Friday I spent every day at Planned Parenthood on Bleecker Street or at Emily's Clinic on East 149st in the Bronx.  Both of these locations are places where women are encouraged and even convinced to have an abortion. Spending an average of 7 hours each day in front of the abortion clinics is very tough work.  Knowing what is going on inside those clinics is already very disturbing, but watching young women approach the killing centers impacts me even more strongly. These young women are in crisis. They are looking for help, and they have believed the lies that Planned Parenthood and Emily's Clinic have been telling them. This is because these young women have only these lies and no other information to rely upon.  They are vulnerable, scared and depending on others to help them. Most of the time they are not 100% sure that they want to have an abortion. They just go straight to the clinics because they have been told from a very young age that this is the only thing that they can do. Because of their fear, they usually do not even tell friends or family that they are pregnant.  In some cases there may not be trustworthy family or friends to tell.     

That is why it is so VERY important that we from EMC are there. We are the beacons of HOPE for these mothers and their babies. We offer them GOD's love and the TRUTH about their options, the real choices they can make for themselves and for their babies.
I began by telling you that my work this week was tough. Now I must tell you that my work this week was absolutely worth it. The girls, these young mothers, are in crisis situations. They need to hear from us, interns from EMC, offering them the truth about abortion, and information about real help from real people that is available to them. Spending time at Planned Parenthood and at Emily's Clinic has given me the opportunity to speak with these young mothers and to bring as many as I can to the EMC Frontline Pregnancy Centers nearby. At EMC Frontline Pregnancy Centers we show these girls, young mothers, that loving people will help them and their babies.  At EMC we help these young women learn the TRUTH about their real choices for housing, medical care, education, job training, parenting classes, and adoption.   We teach the women in crisis that there is LOVE, there is HOPE, and their babies must be given a chance to live.  

Outside the clinics while we wait for women to come, we pray around the block or even in front of the main door. Praying is a the most important thing we can do outside the clinics. We pray for the women and we pray for ourselves. God is the only one who really can help us. The Holy Spirit gives us strength to talk to the girls, and of course God can stop abortions already taking place inside the clinic. Would you join your prayers with ours each morning? Would you offer a small prayer for us during your day?

After spending all mornings this week in front of the abortion clinics I went to EMC's several offices in New York to help other interns that already are working there counseling women. It's important that we have enough interns to provide immediate counseling for the women when they arrive. When I had a break from counseling I went outside to distribute pamphlets about EMC to people passing by. The more pamphlets I can give out, the more people become aware of the alternatives available to them.   If the girls know there are alternatives, maybe they won't go the the killing centers, but come to EMC instead.

I felt the weight of my hard work this week, but I am very happy to have worked hard. There is so much to do!   We all must do anything we can everyday to stop abortions and help girls in crisis.    Helping the girls and saving their babies is totally worth it.

God is on our side. He wants us to keep working. Of course there are times when we get tired, or feel helpless because we can't see whether our work has helped the girls or saved the babies. That is when we need your prayers most of all  We know our mission is critical. With the support of your prayers, we will never give up.  

Thank you so much for everything you do to help our girls and their babies. And please, please, keep praying for my muslim 16 year old girl who is 23 weeks pregnant and her parents are forcing her to have the abortion. 
Please pray for her!

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