Saturday, August 23, 2014

please pray

Today I am going to talk about my last client of the week.  This client is in my heart and on my mind because she is a victim, and she's about to make her baby a victim too.

My last client this week was an adult, but still a teenager.   She is 19 years old.   This is the first time that she is pregnant.   She is so scared, and undecided about what to do at the same time. ​Before coming to EMC and counseling with me she was receiving advice from her boyfriend.  He wants her to have an abortion.  Obviously she doesn't agree.   That's why she was open to counseling with me about choices and alternatives.   Unfortunately her boyfriend is not so openminded. He is completely sure he wants her to have the abortion.

I have seen more than one couple in this situation.   Too many women are coerced by their boyfriends to have abortions. It's horrible!  It's sad to see women think of themselves as something less than their boyfriend, or to hear them say that their choices are not as important as his.   These women must realize that they are the mother of their baby.   The mother always wants to protect her child, and during pregnancy she is the one and only person who can.   These women must learn that in pregnancy and childbirth her choice is the only choice that matters.   But her choice is not about herself.  Her "choice" is a matter of LIFE or Death for her child.   

In these situations I always try to speak with the woman alone. In this week's case I did the same.   She explained her situation to me.   I listened with all my heart and soul.   Then  I firmly and boldly told her that as the mother of her baby she is in charge.  Only she has the power to kill her baby or to let her baby live.  God trusted her with this power and gave LOVE for her baby to help her put her baby's needs before hers.  In this situation I told her she must make the right decision in spite of her boyfriends' choice.  In fact, this is not his decision to make.   God gave the gift of motherhood to her and her alone.  

It is remarkable to me that women in these situations do not know that their choice is at least as important as their boyfriend's, and even more important as a mother of a baby in her womb!  

It is sad that the young woman I saw today doesn't see value in herself or the power of her choice over her own life and her baby's life.  If she realized how valuable she and her baby are, and how powerful she is in this situation she would certainly make the right choice.  We have to help women like this one learn their true value in LIFE and in God's eyes.   We have to help young mothers trust their instincts to protect and value the life of her child.    This teenage mother came to us because she hesitated to follow her boyfriend's advice.   That hesitation is courage and strength in the face of oppression.  I know she can make the right choice if she will just value her life, her baby's life, and see her power in this situation.

Will you join me in praying for this young mother and the other women like her who are coerced by their boyfriend's to have an abortion?    I pray that God will show her how valuable she is and how precious is the life of her baby.   I pray that God will show her how powerful she is to determine whether her baby will live or die, and that her boyfriend truly has no physical power over her in this decision.  I pray that God will give her the courage and the strength to stand up for her baby and for herself - to choose LIFE for her baby and to accept the help that EMC can offer.

Wouldn't it be miraculous if every women in crisis could see how valuable and how loved she and her baby are?   If young mothers realized their worth and their power it would save a lot of babies!

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