Friday, August 29, 2014

Looking back. Looking forward.

Today is my last day of my internship at EMC. As I sit here today looking back l, I have mixed feelings.

It's been a very challenging summer on every level. Physically, emotionally, and Spiritually I feel exhausted. I look at where I was when I started and where I am now and I see two people. 
It's not necessarily that one is better than the other though I have grown tremendously through the perseverance this summer. But I also feel much more troubled than I was when I started.

I'm troubled by the way my generation is being raised to think.
I'm troubled by the way my generation has chosen to act.
I'm troubled by the moral compass of my generation.
I'm troubled by the loss of identity my gender has chosen above the beautiful maternal identity we were given.

This summer has taught me that the American stereotypical values of independence, career, and education have surpassed the values of love, goodness, and family in too many young hearts and minds.

I've also learned how little my generation knows about life and love as so many of them have sat and told me they would have rather been aborted than be raised the way they were. Some of them literally think they are being merciful and loving by taking the life of their child.

Now that's not every one of them, but enough to leave me concerned.

This summer it has become increasingly clear to me that the issue of abortion is much bigger than what EMC or any other single organization is capable of addressing. 
This is a mass movement by our culture that can only be stopped by a mass movement of a counter culture.

Working with individuals who are pregnant is important. Very important.
But it can't stop there.

The church and all the moral people of our society need to step up and take a stand in every area of their lives.
Ask yourself this question: Is your life contributing to the culture of death? Or are you fueling a culture of life through your words, actions, and prayers?

Come on America. Come on ladies. Let's take back what we gave away: our dignity, our love, and the dignity, love, and life of the next generation.

Today is a day of celebration of all God did this summer. Yet it's also a day of mourning as I reflect over all the lives that I witnessed being thrown away this summer. 

Please pray for me as I set out to seek what exactly my role is in all this long term. What exactly is God calling me to in the pro-life movement? I don't know right now but I'm trusting him to reveal it as I move forward and take the next few steps I see in front of me.

Cheers and God bless,

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